Look After Your Skin When Cycling

Cycling is a pleasurable activity that not only brings health benefits, but being outdoors can improve your mental well-being. To wake up in the morning and see glorious weather will no doubt have you eager to jump on your bike and head into the countryside. However, you will need to plan what to do beforehand and what you need to take with you. This will ensure you have a healthy ride.

Look After Your Skin

Unfortunately, one downside of cycling outdoors for long periods is that it can play havoc with your skin. Even if the sun is not shining brightly, you can still be affected by UV rays. This can cause premature ageing, so you need to use the Verso Skincare range to minimize any damage. An excellent idea would be to start a skincare routine that gets you into the daily habit of looking after your face.

Day and Night Care for Your Skin

Each evening, you should apply Verso Night Cream, which contains the vitamin A complex Retinol 8, to target wrinkles without causing irritation. This will give you extra protection for when you set off on your cycling adventure the next day. Retinol 8 is also a key ingredient in the Verso Lip Serum, which should be applied throughout the day and is easy to carry around with you. When you return from your ride, fully relaxed, you will need to remove any accumulated dirt from your face using the Verso Deep Cleanse lotion.

Cycling is an excellent activity for physical and mental health, but you should remember to look after your skin too. Taking a daily bike ride, combined with a good skincare routine, will give you a healthy glow and a feeling of satisfaction, evident to all your friends.