The Best Cycling Clothes to Wear

When novice cyclists first go out on their bikes, they may assume they can wear their normal everyday clothes. However, street clothing is not designed for this kind of exercise. After a while, the rider will begin to feel uncomfortable. They will also have restricted freedom of movement. In extreme cases, their clothes may even tear due to a lack of flexibility.

Therefore cyclists should go for sportswear that is specifically designed for active workouts. The best site to get this from is Aim’n. When selecting clothing for riding, there are several factors that should be considered.

Providing Long Term Comfort

If the ride is particularly long, then the clothing of the cyclist should give them plenty of comfort. Otherwise, it can be an unnecessary distraction and ruin their overall enjoyment. Aim’n provides the best activewear NZ has to offer at affordable prices. Their items are both comfortable and flexible enough for people to cycle in for hours at a time. It is wise to only wear cycling clothes that feel comfortable. This is also the case for helmets and other accessories. The better a cyclist feels, the more attention they can pay to the road.

Preventing Overheating

Undoubtedly, during the warmer months of the year, there tends to be an increase in people who take up cycling as a hobby. There are plenty of things to look for in good riding wear and accessories. One of the biggest questions to ask is whether the clothes will overheat. Cycling gear needs to keep the wearer cool. Otherwise, they run the risk of suffering dehydration or heatstroke. Cyclists should therefore opt for items made from a breathable material.

Affordable and Long Lasting

Cycling can end up being an expensive hobby. When searching for the right clothing, it needs to strike a good balance between affordability and longevity. This is why so many people choose the products available from Aim’n. Their catalogue is filled with sportswear items that are reasonably priced and can be worn on a long term basis. This will mean the cyclist can spend their money on other things such as bike modifications.


Whilst there are practical aspects to consider, it is also fair to say that the wearer will want something that looks great on them. The best cycling clothing will exude a sense of style and flatter the body shape of the rider. For this reason, it is best to go for clothes made from figure-hugging, stretchy material such as polyamide and elastane, as supplied by Aim’n.