Tips for choosing the best helmet

Despite studies showing that helmets reduced the risk of severe head or brain trauma among cyclists of all ages by a notable 63-88%, there will always be skeptics who for personal reasons, refuse to wear headgear while riding.

Choosing the right helmet to fit the occasion can greatly impact your cycling experience and safety. Some helmets are designed to offer the best aerodynamics while others prioritize ventilation. Nowadays helmets may have integrated mechanics to improve safety. The big question however remains. How do you choose?

Make sure that the helmet you choose fits properly and does not leave the forehead exposed. For maximum comfort and safety, adjust the retention system and regulation straps accordingly for a snug fit that is neither too taut nor loose,

Whether it’s enduro, road, or recreational riding, choose the right helmet for each occasion. For instance, mountain bike helmets usually have enhanced coverage to the side and back of the head due to the heightened risk of injury.

Magnetic buckles and built-in mounting for lights and cameras are just some of the newer inventions in helmet design. Numerous brands now include MIPS BPS, a technology that protects the head by reducing rotational motion, as a standard addition.