The pros and cons of various bike racks

Some bike racks have a lot going for them but not without some drawbacks as is shown below.

Trunk-mount rack


• Least expensive

• Easy to use

• Fits on most vehicles


• Have a greater chance of damaging the vehicle and the bikes.

• Least secure of all racks

• May be difficult to lock bikes to rack or car

• They usually block the view out of the rear window

• Renders the trunk inaccessible

Roof racks


• Designed for lockable mounting, heightening security

• Sedans can carry as many as four bikes with this rack, while a van may carry up to seven

• The racks can be adapted to existing factory hardware


• They are a bit more difficult to install

• The bikes may be scratched or damaged when driving under low-hanging obstacles

• It is impossible to park or drive under areas with a low roof clearance

• Lifting a bike onto a high vehicle can be difficult

• They may not fit properly on curved-roof vehicles

Hitch racks


• Easy to install and use

• They reduce the chance of scratching the paintwork by towing bikes some inches away from

the vehicle

• No need to remove front wheels to mount bicycles


• Some hitches require drilling holes into the vehicle’s chassis

• Expense of trailer hitch in cases where the vehicle does not have one

• Some small cars are not rated for towing

• May be difficult to lock bikes to the rack

• The driver may ram the bikes into obstacles while reversing.