Resistance Training for Cyclers: Why Use Resistance Bands?

Peddling or cycling has been part of the human culture for centuries. Besides being fun, it is an exercise in itself. But when it comes to races, cycling becomes a completely different thing. From the Tour Divide and the Tour de France to the Trans Pyr, the Death Ride and many others, cycling races is no easy. What I just mentioned are some of the hardest cycling races. Many peddlers won’t dare participate in these races, and many of those who start don’t finish.

So, how are you supposed to prepare for a bicycle race? One of best ways to do that is resistance or strength training. Cycling needs energy. Remember, you’re going to be cycling up hills, and you will need enough fuel; oh, I mean stamina. So, you can’t skip resistance training. In your training, you will need equipment known as resistance bands, whose benefits are discussed below.

Benefits of Resistance Bands

Yes, many cyclists would argue that they don’t need resistance bands while training, that’s true. But name one top cyclist who did not use this equipment and I will name 10. As a cyclist, you will need to be in top form if you’re to come out on top in races. Thus, you simply don’t want to leave anything to chance. As simple as they look, the bands can make the whole difference between winning a gold medal and winning a bronze medal. Here are the benefits of resistance bands.

Improved resistance/strength: Using resistance bands comes with increased stability, variable resistance, and increased load, which will prove helpful in a cycling race. If you want to perform better on the track, you need to have good strength. That’s because cycling is energy sapping, and if your muscles are not in good shape, then you won’t be able to effectively deal with hills. With improved resistance, nothing will stand in your way because your muscle will already be having enough strength to peddle.

Core activation and stability: When using resistance bands, you will have constant tension to deal with, and this will give your body the stability needed, especially in cycling. On top of that, the tension also activates your core, resulting in better balance. Core training is essential for any cycler, that I can tell you.

You can train with injury: While training with resistance bands mimics weight lifting, the former involves less force on the joints and other body parts. This allows you to engage in strength training even if you have injuries. With injury, you may not be able to use dumbbells.

Other benefits of resistance bands include better muscle stimulation, better stretching and mobility, and muscle gain.