Support Gear

There’s more to riding than just cycling and the right clothing. You need some essential accessories that can make bike riding a lot saferor an everyday carry (EDC) kit to save you a lot of heartache on the road. The most essential support riding gear is listed below.

Goes inside tubeless tires to automatically plug small holes. Sealant is either latex-based or latex-free. It can be topped up when it runs low

Tools to quickly fix your bike. Includes: tire lever, spoke wrench, hex keys, screwdrivers, pliers, hand pump, patch kit, multi-hole steel wrench

A bell as a safety feature acts as a mini-horn to alert other road users. Handy when cycling in the city.

to carry your repair kit and other essentials such as sports drinks and energy bars.

can be chain,d,u, or z-locks. for securing bikes between stops. Wearable as a belt or have a pant clip

offers extra security features when riding in traffic. produces an audio and visual alert you of vehicles close-by. also incorporates a tail light

Saddle Bag

when a backpack is too bulky, saddlebags are a great alternative to safely carry your essentials such as phones or keys.

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