Since  early 2000s, Peoria Bicycle Club has been proud to help keep one of our county byways beautiful to ride along and to promote a positive image for cyclists. Road signs promoting our club’s sponsorhip are posted at each end of the adopted stretch of Grange Hall road. Twice a year we leave our bicycles at home and stroll this stretch of pavement on foot picking up trash and other ‘interesting’ artifacts left behind by others. (Veterans of this activity do have some stories!) We meet at “old Bosch” back parking lot on Hwy 150 at 1PM on a Sunday and carpool ** to a farm parking lot (smaller). The Unsicker Farm is midpoint between Evans Mill and Rt 91. Here we don our safety vests, hand out trash bags, and split into two teams of 4- eash walking 1.5 miles in opposite directions on Grange Hall road against traffic and returning that same 1.5 miles.(on the opposite side of the road-against traffic) You will drop you bags in a cluster at the turn around and at the end. If you have so much trash and your bag is full or tearing- Select a spot somewhere along the path to cluster your full bags. (we call County Hwy to come pick them up) Do NOT pick up roadkill, live snakes or any organic materials. ;-D If items are too large to place in your bags- lay them on the gravel near the road surface- and the best option is to cluster bags and larger material in one place. Estimated duration for a full compliment of ‘pickers’ is 2.5 hours-inclusive of transportation time. Please wear long pants and long sleeve shirts, sturdy shoes and bring work gloves. Hats and sunscreen advised but opt. We will be walking in long grass and weeds along the roadway. There will be water bottles and snacks at the start/end. (and hand sanitizer) If you wish to carry water with you along the route- please bring a hip holster or camelback. Thank you for your support of this PBC activity. I can assure you that we are appreciated by the local residents as they have many times paused their normal activities to thank the crews as we walked by. **We cannot drive all cars to the Unsickers because of the smaller size of their parking area and their active harvest season.


Organizer   Picker
trash bags   long sleeves
vests   long pants
snacks   work gloves
water   hat
hand sanitizer
    water carrier
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